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Not so Free Sat Nav
Ok - Now that I have got your attention, let me tell you a story.
Those that know me, know I have an extended family in the Philippines and other countries around the world and I am a Paraglider Pilot. They also know that I am not a great lover of "Social Networks" and most of my Internet activity is done on a laptop or a desktop while sitting comfortably at a desk or in an easy chair - not living on "Faceache" while walking down the street.

Sometimes, though, I have to venture out to pastures new to collect those e-bay purchases, find those take of points on paragliding sites or visit long forgotten places. Then I take my trusty smart phone, so I can stay in touch with those I need to, and this same phone helps me get to where I wish to go.

I have not used a dedicated Sat Nav for almost 10 years, why carry 2 devices when 1 will do. Now comes the bit that annoys me. I can use a route finder, Google Maps, Bing etc, on my laptop or desktop to find out how to get from A to B, but as soon as I want to use my phone I have a "data connection" and maybe "data charges". My carrier insists that I must use their data connection to get what is free on my office or home systems. Android even installs google maps and navigator by default to give an "out of the box" solution.

Well I have found a solution that works for me. I suggest NavFree. It runs on Android, it is free to download and use, has maps that cover most of the world, and more importantly, does not require a data connection to use them.

Before you all call me a tight wad, complaining about a few pence on data charges let me tell you a little more.
Using good old "0u/Vodamoan" in the UK is cheap enough but out of Europe Data Charges are still eye wateringly expensive. Now that "sim free" is no longer what it used to be, swapping out to a local sim is not quite so easy.

NavFree works, even in areas with bad network coverage (The paragliding bit), because it uses GPS positioning. So as long as you can see the sky you should be able to find out where you are and where you want to go.

It works in the Philippines, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Morroco, Israel and all the other countries that I have visited in the last few years.

Download the app and the maps for the countries you want from the App Store, and off you go.

What "Data Charges" - I have GPS. What more could I want? - Well lets see .........

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