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Stylin' Virtual Box
As most of you will know Windows XP has technically shuffled off this mortal coil.

But that does not mean that people have stopped using it - far from it. The last lot of stats about the use of Win Xp that I saw estimated about 45% of the computers in the world still use it, including my local hospital.

Well with the "Security Issues" surrounding its use I thought I had better be prepared. Virtualbox to the rescue.

Win Xp is now running in its own virtual world, testing continues with it as the main test bed. And when we turn it off - it gets reset back to the way it was when we turned it on (The snapshot Feature).

If it gets broke, and it often does, we just restart it.

We now have WinXp, Android and Ubuntu all running it their own little worlds, side by side on our Win 7 / 8.1, desktop systems.

Virtualbox - Worth its weight in gold

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