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Stylin' LiteCart - So close, any closer now?
We reviewed this product on 8/11/2014 and really liked the look and feel but were disappointed by the support and installation issues. Well time and versions move long so time for another review.

LiteCart - So close, so far away
I have been looking for a another ecommerce cart for a while.
Something that was not so heavyweight as Zencart or OSCommerce. While looking we came across Litecart.
It has a clean and simple interface and offers the modules that most people would use out of the box.
Time to try out the software. Installation was simple and straight-forward and we had a working shop in a little while.

That was the simple bit, time to look under the hood and make some simple customisations. Most of what needed to be done came from the admin panel. So far - So good.

While looking for a payment option I hit a snag. Time to check out the help files - there was none. How about the wiki - There is one, but its empty. Time to check out the community forums. So we registered an account, posted the question and waited for the answer.

A little while later there was a reply, but not the one that was expected.

Time to log in again. Got an error - username or password incorrect. OK, not the end of the world. Must have messed up the password, just get a new password and we will be off and running.
Clicked the email that promptly arrived and filled out the form. Went to log in - same problem.
Asked for a new password, No joy - there is a 1 hour wait between password requests. Waited the wait and went again - Same problem. Time to send a message to the forum administrator.
Sent the message and still waiting (3 days and counting) at the time of writting.
So I registered another account - and found another problem. The log in name is limited to 25 characters - Mine was 26. Tried to create another email only to be told that there was already an account registered against my ip address.

Head slapping time.

This is a case of a really good looking product let down by terrible support. No help, No wiki, no access to the forums and ingored by the authors.

Good job we didn't waste our money on the paid for version.

What is a user to do? Could be time to move along. Pity I really like this product

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