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Windows 10 - Is it for you? News and Views - Windows 10 - Is it for you?
Well Windows 10 is with us whether we like it or not, but is it the operating system for you?

If you by a new system now it comes with Windows 10 - case closed.

If you are trying to decide if you should upgrade older systems its a little more complicated. Lets get rid of the simple stuff first.

If you are running XP or Vista then you are pretty much stuck with what you have. There is no free upgrade to these old legacy systems.So if the hardware supports Windows 10 and you want to upgrade then it will cost you money. Somewhere between 70 - 140 UKP depending of your choice of software.

That leads us onto Windows 7 and Windows 8 Users. Microsoft has been offering a "free upgrade" to Windows 10 since July 2015. This started as a vouluntary upgrade option that has become more and more compulsory. With reports of systems being upgraded without the users consent and with the upgrade option moving up the Microsoft Update path to become hard to avoid.

In a nutshell Microsoft wants Windows 7 and 8 Users to upgrade and is making it harder to avoid. The sting in the tail is that this pressure will not ease up and the free upgrade option, if it is not extented by Microsoft, end in Jul

We had problems with our cutter and in the end retained a Windows XP system to avoid the cost of the replacement software. Not everyone has this option.

According to Microsoft you have 30 days to decide if you are happy with the uprade, if not you can roll back to your previous set up. This safety net is not to be trusted, So far none of the systemsthat we have rolled back have done so without issues. Every single one has had to be re-installed from scratch, taking hours of time and if the original software is not available causing costs that need to be allowed for in the free upgrade. We must admit that this problem is in the minority. Most systems have upgraded without incident and work without problems

So is Windows 10 for you. Only you can decide if the return outweighs the risk, but remember the clock is ticking down. If you do decide to bite the bullit remember to have backups in place and a backup plan to cover all your options. Windows is not the power it once was and there are alternatives that can be used to replace your dependence on the Software Giant.

Why not call us to discuss your options.

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